Benedikta Bonitz

Benedikta Bonitz, the daughter of composer and church music director Eberhard Bonitz, was born near Stuttgart, Germany. After completing her music studies in Detmold, she began giving concerts and making recordings. Her first CD, „Il flauto dolce“, includes works from the early baroque (Castello and Fontana) as well as world premier recordings of works by Satohs, Steffens and of the jazz composer Stadler and was released by Arcadia-Records New York. The second CD, „Il flauto dolce espressivo“, available at PMP, contains, as well as works by Frescobaldi, world premier recordings by Walter Steffens and Arvo Pärt (Arbos).

The reduction to a single flute part, gives Benedikta Bonitz the ability to duplicate the qualities of the human voice with all it’s nuances and accents, as Silvestro Ganassi puts it in his „Opera Intitulata Fontegara“, a „Treatise on the Art of Playing the Recorder and of Free Ornamentation“. Benedikta
Bonitz demonstrates this through her years of playing the recorder. She has found her ideal in tone conception in the instruments of the Swiss recorder
makers H.C. Fehr.

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